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I am Kiko Calvo, Bigardo’s hand.

No… this is not just another winery, this is about fulfilling dreams.

Here there is nothing family winery that combines tradition and innovation. It’s about work, effort, passion and a lot of people helping.

Everything to make great wines. And may you wise drinkers enjoy it. We hear you.

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We are winemakers.

Bottled on our property.

“There is more philosophy and wisdom in a bottle of wine than in all the books.” – Louis Pasteur.




Maldito Parné.


“El David siempre estuvo allí escondido en ese gran marmol, lo único que yo hice fue quitar las partes que sobraban.” – Miguel Ángel Buonarroti.

Behind Bigardo.

In a science as experimental as oenology, there comes a time when it is not enough to listen to the great masters or look for support in the great books, you must do it yourself. That’s Bigardo.
The outcome of an intense adventure in different parts of the world that always had the purpose of being a bottle of wine, from Toro, always from Toro.


Everyone knows that wine is made from grapes, a truism, or not so truism. Today there is a certain tendency to give the vineyard the value it deserves. “Just read the grape” I heard it said at one point. If it were easy, everyone would do it. This is our philosophy.

Bodegas Bigardo vinos libres hechos en Toro


The elaboration process is simple. Achieving the best quality from the vineyard so that interventionism is minimal: Exhaustive control of vinification temperature. Vinification based on how, when and why to extract and macerate, giving affection to each of our many tanks.


“With Toro wine, more than eating, I devour.” – Garcilaso de la Vega.

Visits and tastings.

If you already know all our history, surely you haven’t waited to book. Si llegas aquí sin conocernos, la mejor manera de hacerlo es venir a casa. We are waiting for you in Toro.

Bodegas Bigardo vinos libres hechos en Toro


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