Bigardo · Satélite · Pellejo · Maldito Parné · Calma · Algoritmo
Bigardo. Experimental Red Wine.
Made to drink, drink to enjoy. Bigardo is a real wine, a wine with a clear conscience. Without too many complications, with little technology and a lot of knowledge and experience. The grapes come from our average vineyard (50 years old) in Valdefinjas, within the D.O.TORO. It is not organic, it is not biodynamic, it is not crianza, it is not reserve or pago, it is what I thought it should be, a logical wine. Made from knowledge and experience, that’s all. The flag of the project. The beginning of everything. Don’t be scared and feel free with Bigardo’s most punkish creation. Love it or hate it? “BULL, HANDMADE”…that’s the meaning of my horns. The interpretation is free, like this wine.

“What a bigardo”.Toresano/a de a pie.

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Boarding Wine.
Satelite is the strength of a different style of wine. The old parcels of Valdelbuey and Valdearévalo (more than 70 years old) where this wine comes from, were part of the Bigardo blend. It was obvious, it had to be a different wine…volume, lots of black fruit, power…characteristics that did not fit in Bigardo. Those barrels that kept the old vineyard always stood out. Now they have their place, or rather their bottle, in this Satelite. Without losing the house brand, this is a more serious, deeper wine. A tribute to “La Bigarda” my ’92 Ford Transit that you will know if you come to visit us. La Bigarda and the most traveler and backpacker part of this story have their space here ….sideral!
“The Earth is surrounded by thousands of satellites, and we are heading towards 500 television channels, and what are they for? To avoid questioning? Exactly, so that people don’t question power”.Vittorio de Sica. Italian Filmmaker.
Pellejo. Parcel Red Wine.
Not suitable for all audiences. Pellejo is one of those wines for special occasions. Our oldest vineyard, more than 100 years old…only God knows. Wine of Parcela obligatory. One of those gems where a winemaker has little more to do than try to bottle the vineyard. Tomás Muñoz Muñoz, my great-grandfather, was the owner of this plot of land in the pago de Fariñas, Valdefinjas. Now I have the pleasure of stealing each of their small, concentrated grapes to try to make a great wine. A magical balance with symphonic depth. Many nuances, an extensive and complex aromatic profile…power, strength, race…A Pellejo or wineskin is a kind of bag of different capacities made of goatskin usually used to transport wine. One of the jobs of good old Tomás Muñoz Muñoz was to haul those Pellejos from the subway cellars. Sometimes, when I have a bad day, I think of great-grandfather’s work to make his wine and everything becomes just another quiet, calm circumstance.
“You step on the grapes, son, you have more meat and more must comes out”. – Tomás Muñoz Muñoz. Owner of the Pellejo vineyard and great brisca player.
Maldito Parné. De la Ó Red wine.
Wine from the vineyard of my grandmother Angelita, one of my favorite people in the world. On the road to Bardales, in a different area, earlier and well recognized by the omnipotent wine prescribers, La Jara. The wine, like Angelita, has nuances that make it special. A clear, sophisticated, subtle plot wine. With a Dolby Surround acidity that makes it very interesting. A similar style to Bigardo, it presents a more perfumed aromatic plus, more floral without losing the red fruit and balsamic base with an optimum point of ripeness. La peineta is also a tribute to the Spanish post-war generation and their coplas, a source of inspiration and wisdom. Enjoy this great wine and your grandmothers and grandfathers as much as you can. I wish they were eternal.
“Maldito parné that for his guilt you left the gypsy who was your love”.María de la O. Composed by Manuel Quiroga. 1933. Lyrics by Salvador Valverde and Rafael de León.
Maldito Parné. Bodegas Bigardo. Vinos libres hechos en Toro, Zamora, España. El vino de Toro de los cuernos. Enoturismo de calidad, visita a la bodega, desgustación.
Calma. Calm Red Wine.
Calma is our new plot wine. A beautiful vineyard of almost 100 years old located in a plot facing west, to the Atlantic. In Valmediano, near Valdefinjas. It has a classic style, closer to its brother Pellejo. 15 months in barrel. A fine crianza. A powerful wine, very elegant, with a structure on the palate worthy of the best. A house brand elaboration taking advantage of the goodness of these grapes to extract and macerate moderately. I have chosen Buda, my personal Buddha (with the greatest of respect) to transmit the same tranquility that the family that gives us this jewel of a plot transmits to me. The same tranquility that gives me every walk through the Calma vineyard. We need that calm. Open a bottle and relax…
Algoritmo. Experimental White Wine.
Algoritmo is the compilation of the scarce production of white grapes that we have in our vineyards. Approximately 50% Albillo and 50% Malvasia, from old vineyards, and a pinch of various other varieties. Direct pressing with the usual maceration. Indigenous yeasts, without any kind of additives during the elaboration. You will be able to perceive most of the winemaking steps in the tasting: fermentation, primary aromas, barrel aromas… A wine with good aromatic complexity: elegant, citric… and some structure. The Bigardo algorithm, a pending subject in a land of reds. It is not an ordinary white wine. Made without artificial intelligence but using several oenological algorithms to achieve it.