Mission, Vision and Values



We are wine.
Conveying Toro in every bottle.
Science, technology and art.

– FIGHTING every day to make the second best wine in the world here in Toro.
– In the meantime, we continue to learn from THE BEST…and also from the bad.


We are the future.

The answer to making the world a better place is to start a company.

BIGARDO is the outcome of an intense adventure in different places of the UVA Planet that always had the purpose of being a bottle of WINE, 100 % TINTA DE TORO. Logical wines, with truth, made for the PEOPLE.


– Form a HUMAN TEAM.
– Develop new brands that will enable us to reach more SEGMENTS of the market.
– To develop a solid national and international DISTRIBUTION, based on MUTUAL TRUST. Conveying all that Bigardo means.
– Develop the new space, BIGARDO.SHOP, located in the Plaza de San Agustin de Toro. YOUR HOME.
– To develop the NEW WINERY, where La Guareña meets the DUERO GOD, as a benchmark winegrowing and wine tourism area.
– To develop NEW TECHNOLOGIES and OENOTOURISM as basic pillars of the present and future.
– Promote INNOVATION and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in each of the processes.
– To contribute value and INTELLIGENT EFFORT to the RURAL WORLD where our activity takes place.
– INTERNATIONAL vocation. To make Toro wines of the highest quality known throughout the world.


We are Toro.

Soldiers of the vineyard, wine and the city of Toro.

– RESPECT and COEXISTENCE with ORIGIN to generate value beyond profit. NO HALF MEASURES.
– Our AMBITION and MOTIVATION are fuelled by hard work, a lot of effort and an unconditional LOVE for our EARTH. It’s about communicating so much PASSION and DREAMS in a bottle of wine. MARKETING yes… but not at any price. TRUTH IS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.
– TORO is non-negotiable. Our flag is the HORNS and the Tinta de Toro. Absolute COMMITMENT to the SUSTAINABILITY of the territory.
– ENVIRONMENTAL sustainability is impossible without economic sustainability. THE PRICE OF THE GRAPE (in effect, the price per hectare of vineyard) is fundamental. If viticulture is not profitable, there will be no generational change.
We need and support WINE CULTURE in all its forms of expression.
– SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. To give back to Toro and its people all that our land has to offer.
– FREE wines. Authentic. Honest. With a clear conscience and without being subject to passing fashions.

Bodegas Bigardo vinos libres hechos en Toro